Links to Artists’ Websites

Below is a list of links to the websites of artists featured in this guide.

Anne Bean

Bird La Bird

Bobby Baker

Carmelita Tropicana

David Hoyle

Geraldine Pilgrim

Helena Walsh

immigrants and animals

Katherine Araniello

Katy Baird

Lois Weaver

Lucy Hutson

Marcia Farquhar

Marisa Carnesky

Monica Ross

Oreet Ashery

Patti Smith

Project O

Rona Lee

Split Briches

Stacy Makishi

Tania El Khoury

Ursula Martinez

Vaginal Davis


Publications on/about UK Artists

Please note: Materials in the Study Room are continually being acquired and updated. For the most current titles related to Feminism and Live Art search the online Study Room catalogue with the keyword Feminism and use the advance search function to further search by category and date.

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Publications on/about Worldwide Artists

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Theoretical Texts

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Digital Documentation

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DVD Documentation

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  1. This is a fantastic resource, and I LOVE it. I have directed many of my students here. Thank you so much. What is the process for contributing digital documentation of feminist live art for inclusion in the guide?

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