Mapping Feminism (draft)

As part of this project, we commissioned a small number artists to create home-made maps that represented their personal journey to or through Live Art and Feminism. We set no criteria for the map making.  We only asked that the final images or documents be led by the person’s own knowledge, experience and ideas. The maps comprise an important part of this Study Room Guide, reflecting the multiplicity of voices that we sought to encourage in creating space for discussion throughout this project. The maps were designed to point or lead viewers on to different resources in the Study Room, but also to represent where there might be gaps or absences in the existing material – thus functioning as provocations for future research, and archival representations in and of themselves.

Make Your Own Map

Take an A4 piece of paper.

Place the pen pencil or paint brush at the point where you began your journey into feminism and Live Art and see what happens.

Cross reference your map with resources in the Study Room. If there are no materials that relate to points on your map email LADA to request materials.

When your map is complete please send to LADA to be displayed below.

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